CRDO Monterrei Territory

In the Designation of Monterrei there are two subzones:

Valley of Monterrei

  • It includes parishes Castrelo do Val, Pepín and Nocedo do Val council Castrelo do Val; parishes Albarellos, Infesta, Monterrei and Vilaza conuncil Monterrei; parishes Oímbra, Rabal, and San Cibrao council Oímbra and parishes Abedes, Cabreiroá, Feces de Abaixo, Feces de Cima, Mandín, Mourazos, Pazos, Queizás, A Rasela, Tamagos, Tamaguelos, Tintores, Verín and Vila Maior do Val council Verín.

Hillside of Monterrei

  • It includes council Vilardevós, parishes Gondulfes and Servoi council Castrelo do Val; parishes As Chas, Bousés, Vidiferre and A Granxa council Oímbra; parishes Flariz, Medeiros, Estevesiños and Vences, council Monterrei; parish Queirugás council Verín; parish Castrelo de Abaixo, places Castrelo de Cima, Covelas, O Mourisco, San Paio and A Veiga do Seixo parishes Castrelo Cima, place Fumaces parish Fumaces, places Progo and Pousada parish Progo, place Florderrei parish Riós, all council Riós.
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