Grape Varieties

D.O. Monterrei Grape Varieties

  Preferred Authorised
White Dona Blanca, Godello and Treixadura Albariño, Blanca de Monterrei, Caiño Branco and Loureira
Red Mencía and Merenzao Tempranillo, Caiño Tinto and Sousón

White Varieties;

  • Godello; Also known as Verdello, it is the most extended White variety. Its main characteristic is a small compact bunch with soon ripening. Elegant wines, fruity, glyceryl and full-bodied.
  • Treixadura; Also known as Verdello Louro, it is the second most extended white variety, medium size bunch and fat skin make it ripen later. Very aromatic, floral scent, balanced and elegant wines.
  • Dona Blanca; Known in other zones as Moza Fresca, has a medium size loose bunch which makes it a soon ripening variety. Aromatic and fresh wines, is always added to other varieties.
  • Albariño; Vary scarce variety in the zone. Its loose bunch makes it ripen late and is a compliment for other varieties.
  • Loureira; It represents a very low percent of the white varieties grown in the zone, bay scent and high acidity; it is used with other varieties. Stretched bunch and fat skin makes it ripen later.  
  • Blanca de Monterrei; Scarce variety in the zone. Medium size and loose bunch makes it ripen soon. Enhanced taste and bitter.
  • Caíño Blanco; Vary scarce variety in the zone. Its loose bunch makes it ripen late and is a compliment for other varieties.

Red Varieties;

  • Mencía; It´s the most extended red variety of the zone. Medium and compact bunch. Late ripening. Its wines are red cherry coloured, markedly forest fruit character and a lingering and elegant aftertaste. Well grown offers great quality wines and with personality.
  • Merenzao; Also known in the zone like Bastardo, not very extended variety. Small and compact bunch and soon ripening, gives maturity and personality to the wines.
  • Araúxa; It´s the second most extended red variety. Big and loose bunch. Wines are an intense purple colour, fruity and floral scents, good acidity and full-bodied.
  • Caíño Tinto; scarcely extended in the zone, but not less important than other. Fruit scent and high acidity makes this variety ideal for Vintage, always complementing with others.
  • Sousón; Very scarce in the zone. When ripe gives a lot of colour, strong aroma and significant bodied. This variety is ideal for Vintage wines.

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