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News DO Monterrei


The wines of the D.O. Monterrei are promoted in the Gourmets Salon 2024

The designation of origin Monterrei will be present, from 22 to 25 April at the 37th edition of the Gourmets Fair, International Fair of Food and […]

The D.O. Monterrei, present at the Galicia Gastronomic Forum

The designation of origin Monterrei will participate in the Galicia Gastronomic Forum, which will be held from 07 to 09 April in A Coruña. The C.R.D.O. […]

The D.O. Monterrei participates in the Lazarus Fair of Verín

The C.R.D.O. Monterrei will be present, one more year, in the celebration of the Lazarus Fair that will take place this weekend in Verín. The Regulatory […]

The wines of 16 wineries of the D.O. Monterrei will be present in Prowein 2024

The Denomination of Origin Monterrei will again participate in the feira Prowein, which will take place from 10 to 12 March in the city of Düsseldorf […]

The D.O. Monterrei returns to Vinexpo

Monterrei wines will be present at ‘Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris’, which will take place from 12 to 14 February in Paris. The name will be […]

The D.O. Monterrei, present at Barcelona Wine Week

One more edition, the wines of Monterrei will participate in Barcelona Wine Week, which is held between 05 and 07 February. This is the third occasion […]

The C.R.D.O. Monterrei and the Council will collaborate in the dissemination of the image of Verín and the wines of the region

The C.R.D.O. Monterrei and the Council of Verín are the two most visible faces of the region. They attend international fairs and events together and form […]

Manager Consello Regulador DO Monterrei: Candidacy Profile

Reporting to the Council, he shall be the person responsible for the management of the designation of origin and be the catalyst for its financial management.It […]

The C.R.D.O. Monterrei signs a collaboration agreement with A.V.P.C. Verín

The president of C.R.D.O. Monterrei, Jonatás Gago García, and the president of the Asociación de Voluntarios de Protección Civil do Concello de Verín, Manuel Alfonso Araujo, […]