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The D.O. Monterrei and ABANCA renew their collaboration and give answers to the sector

C.R.D.O. Monterrei and ABANCA strengthen their joint work and renew the collaboration agreement they maintain in force. The financial institution and the Regulatory Council advance a […]

More than a hundred participants in the space of the D.O. Monterrei in ‘Verema Barcelona Experience’

The Designation of Origin Monterrei has concluded its participation in the Verema Barcelona Experience with a successful public attendance to the space of the same. Throughout […]

The D.O. Monterrei continues to promote itself, this time, in the ‘Verema Barcelona Experience’

Tomorrow, Monday, December 14, the reds and whites of the Designation of Origin Monterrei will be part of the ‘Verema Experience’, which will be held in […]

A total of 84 wines from the D.O. Monterrei awarded in the Guide to Wines, Distillates and Wineries of Galicia 2021′

The headquarters of the C.R.D.O. Monterrei has hosted the presentation of the Guide of Wines, Wineries and Distillates of Galicia 2021′. This event was attended by […]

The headquarters of the denomination hosts the awards ceremony of the Catas de Galicia corresponding to Monterrei

The president of the C.R.D.O. Monterrei, Lara Da Silva, and representatives of the Ministry of Rural Environment have presented the prizes of the Tastings of Galicia […]

The D.O. Monterrei stands in solidarity with the HORECA channel

From the Designation of Origin Monterrei shows the total support to the HORECA channel, after the measures applied in Galicia, for the control of the COVID-19, […]

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